Launch Your New Software Product With Confidence

We help you TRULY validate your product idea WITHOUT investing an arm and a leg launching it unsuccessfully

Most new products fail because entrepreneurs often miss the validation process or they build features that nobody wants.

We’re here to change that. We have a different method that helps you validate the need for your product idea from multiple angles without wasting time and money.

We talk to your customers, build a clickable prototype, and get pre-orders for your product before it’s even made!

Working with the best

Here are some extraordinary entrepreneurs who have trusted in us to help them validate their product ideas

Dan Martell

Dan Martell

Entrepreneur & investor

Dan Martell

Dan Martell

Danny Iny

Business & marketing coach


Dan Martell

Miguel Hernandez

Online education expert

Grumo media

Working with us means

You will create a new source of recurring revenue for your business

You will minimize the risk associated with your product’s launch

You will work with a group of experts who live and breathe products

This is how we roll

We’ve taken our experience and mixed it with the best parts of some of the most respected and proven frameworks in the world. Our methodology is inspired by Agile Development, The Lean Startup, The Ask Method, Design Thinking and Jobs To Be Done.

Using our unique process (The RPP Method), we will prototype, pilot and pre-sell your software product before writing a single line of code.



A Product Manager meets with you to learn about your vision and interviews your potential customers to identify their most challenging and painful problem.



A Product Designer creates a clickable and development-ready prototype to simulate the proposed solution to the pain points of your ideal customers.



A Product Manager crafts an offer for getting pre-orders while creating your product roadmap with an estimate for developing a complete product.

You’re in good hands!

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts have more than 25 years of experience combined

Pedram Daraeizadeh

Pedram Daraeizadeh

Product & marketing

Pedram cares about the planet, its people, and their products. After a decade of experience, he’s equipped with a wealth of product and marketing strategies.

Gabriel Carpenedo

Gabriel Carpenedo

UX Design & development

Gabe deeply believes in people’s potential to change things. His experience with startups, development, and design gives him a holistic view of product development.

Patrick Müller

Patrick Müller

FUll stack development

Patrick thinks that his mission on Earth is to help others to make their dreams reality. Through his work as a developer, he’s given life to many amazing ideas.

We’ve helped these companies make and market great products:

Digital Domain

Ready to work with us?

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Do I need to have validated my idea previously?
No, that’s our job. When you work with us, the very first thing we do is validating the need for your product in the marketplace.
Do I need lots of time and money to validate my new product?

No, you will be taking advantage of our methodology (The RPP Method) which minimizes the time and cost while maximizes the success of launching your new product.

Do I need to have expertise in software product development?
No, you will be working with a team of experts who have been developing software products for many years.