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Are you a business owner or an executive working hard to grow your company?

Let’s face it, the bottom line of your business is directly linked to the cost of delivering your products or services. You need employees to ensure you can deliver value to your customers. Chances are, you’re spending somewhere between 40 to 80 percent of your gross revenues on employee salaries and benefits.

As a smart business person, you know that to increase your company’s profitability you have to improve the productivity of your employees. The problem is, most businesses are focused on the day to day executions and do not have the time, resources or expertise to increase efficiency. Here are some challenges you may be facing:

Undocumented Key Business Processes

It may seem useless to document every procedure performed by your team. Why would you document a process your employees already know how to do?

The truth is, most businesses rely on the knowledge to be transferred organically from experienced employees to others. But we often misjudge the actual value of extracting the knowledge from key employees.

Lack of business process documentation or SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) becomes a real issue when you lose an experienced employee and that knowledge is no longer a part of your business.

Time Spent On Important & Repetitive Tasks

Is the job description of your employees matching the work they actually get done each day? Now look at the actual value added by the tasks completed, how many would qualify as “high value”?

In short, too much time is spent on necessary but repetitive tasks. Those tasks are an integral part of delivering your product or service, so removing them don’t seem like an option.

But the end result is a missed opportunity to have employees work on strategic tasks that help the business grow. Also, working on repetitive tasks have proven to decrease employee happiness and job satisfaction.

Ineffective Use Of Existing Technology

Innovation has solved many business issues. The low cost of technologies has given you the opportunity to adopt those solutions at scale. But, how many of these solutions have you implemented in your business? Are these tools working together in harmony?

The thing is, technologies are not always being used to reach their full potential and most businesses are not aware of this.

For example, manually transferring files, creating reports, calculating numbers or copy and pasting data not only slow things down, but they also increase the chance of errors.

What Is Our Solution And How It Works?


We are here to help your company save time and money. To deliver value quickly and to avoid interrupting your operation, we start by an analysis of the current workflow of a key employee or executive. We identify opportunities for improving efficiencies and provide actionable recommendations for what could be improved. Our initial analysis includes:

Creation of a business process document (SOP or Playbook)

Immediate benefits:

  • Extract important knowledge
  • Quantify time spent on a task
  • Reduce risk of losing knowledge
  • Facilitate training and handoffs

Recommendation on ways to use custom software to automate repetitive tasks

Immediate benefits:

  • Realize the actual cost associated with repetitive tasks
  • Review the investment needed to implement custom software solutions
  • Understand the return on investment of business process automation
  • Integrate or create CRM, CMS, business apps, etc

Suggestion on how to make better use of your existing technologies

Immediate benefits:

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Maximize your investment in existing tools
  • Freeing the time of key employees and business owners

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